Saturday, June 14, 2008

make money with Skype Prime services

So I discovered this cool feature on my Skype account today. It's called Skype Prime.

It allows you to setup a service that will charge people for your time on the phone using Skype. I've set up my Flash, Flex and Adobe AIR programming support service:

Flash, Flex, and Adobe AIR programming support

Having trouble getting that Flash/Flex website up and running? Need help with Actionscript 3? Want to know how to create an Adobe AIR application?

Call now

Only $0.75 per minute

Now you can get paid for all those support calls you receive after finishing a job. Just think of the possibilities!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

setting up the site

For now I'm using YaBB, a free forum system that is included with my current hosting provider, HostGator. Since it's included with my monthly fee, I figured I could take it for a test run. So far there's a lot of settings to fiddle with, and I don't know for sure that this is how I want to run the website, but for now, it will do.

One feature I'm debating about adding, is an auto-generated list of job postings found online. One of the challenges of including an auto-generated list is there's no guarantee that the listings that show up are legit. Of course there's no guarantee that everyone who posts a job is legit either. The question is whether it's worth having, even with the high chance that many of the listings will be bogus.

Hmmmm, something to think about.

Friday, June 6, 2008

an idea for a forum

To get the website started, I'm setting it up as a forum. Soon the forum should be live, and people can start signing up to post jobs, or share their portfolios.

This first iteration is more of an experiment, and I expect the website to evolve into a thriving community.

Isn't this exciting! :D

an idea for a website

I was looking for some freelance programming work that I could do from home, and I did a search for things like: program from home, code from home, etc. I came across a number of websites that listed quite a few programming jobs for people like me.

The only problem was, I couldn't look at the complete job listing without signing up for a subscription! Ranging anywhere from $20 to $50 dollars a month, you would have access to all the job listings. Well, I hate paying for something that should be free, so I decided to create the website

My plan is to set up a community where employers can post jobs, and job seekers can search for jobs, all for free.

As you can tell from the website name, this free service will focus on all aspect of Flash platform development, including Flash/Flex programmers, graphic artists, etc.